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Jasmin Khafagi


Salutations to the Divine within You.

A Few Words About Me
अहम् - sanskr. aham - "I am")

My Yoga journey started 2018 in Nepal. The idea was to go hiking, but I injured my knee and had to change my plans. This is how I ended up on a Yoga retreat in Pokhara. After this wonderful introduction into the world of Yoga and meditation my whole life turned around and I had no other choice but to commit myself fully to the practice and the teachings of Yoga. These teachings have helped me through various stages of life and gave me the stability I was always craving for. My work with Thai Massage has also helped me enormously to increase compassion and it brings me so much joy to do something good for others and to share my energy.


What I love about Yoga is, that it teaches us to walk through life with mindfulness and compassion. Through the asana and meditation practice we're calming our breath and our mind. When the mind is still, we get the chance to discover when emotions and sensations arise and fade. This increased awareness helps us to recognize behavior patterns that influence our everyday life and our interactions with each other and with ourselves. 


Over the years the practice has led me away from a rather hedonistic and selfish lifestyle, and made me become a calmer and more compassionate being. I am very grateful that I have found my way to a holistic practice and even more grateful that I can share and exchange my knowledge and experience with others. 

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Vienna & Kaltenleutgeben, Austria

Mysore, India

Cairo & Dahab, Egypt

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Jasmin Khafagi
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