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Traditional Thai Massage

Nuad Phaen Boran

Thai Massage is a Healing System consisting of Acupressure,
assisted Yoga Postures and Indian Ayurvedic Principles.

"Disturbances in the flow of energy result in an insufficient supply of Prana [life force] which will in turn lead to sickness. Working on the energy lines with massage can break the blockages."

- Asokananda Harald Brust

Like Yoga, Thai massage is a spiritual practice. Back in the days it was closely connected to the teachings of the Buddha and massaging was understood as a way to spread compassion and loving kindness (Metta) on a physical level, while being in a meditative state. The Ancient Thai Massage should always be practiced in this fashion, with full awareness and mindfulness.

"Massage is an act of giving and compassion which should bring joy and a sense of well-being to both the giver and the recipient." 

- Asokananda Harald Brust

The human touch in Thai Massage has helped me to develop even more compassion and love towards the people around me. It also made me fall in love with the versatility of the human anatomy all over again. I massage with joy and gratitude that I can share my energy with my patients and be beneficial for their wellbeing - physically and mentally.

Physical touch plays an immense role for a content human psyche and we're finding ourselves in a time where it is particularly easy to lose connection with one another. With massage we can learn to appreciate the power of touch again, we receive and we give, we share and we release. 

So, what happens during the Thai Massage?

Thai Massage is practiced in loose, comfortable clothing, on a relatively firm

mattress on the floor - either at your home or in my facility. I won't only use

my hands to massage and stretch your body, but also my elbows, lower arms

and feet, without the application of oil. You can understand Thai Massage as

a form of assisted Yoga postures, while applying acupressure techniques.

This doesn't only relax the muscles, but also stimulate the organs of the

body and will improve your mobility. This form of massage can be a little

intense at times, but I will adjust the intensity according to your needs.

"With relaxed muscles, the circulation of blood and lymph are improved. the body will receive more oxygen and nutrients and the immune system will be more efficient in fending off disease agents, thus lessening the chances of becoming ill."

**IMPORTANT: I want to make my massages accessible for everyone, so if you find yourself in a financial tricky situation, please get in touch with me :)

Jasmin Khafagi



The Traditional Thai Foot Massage covers several acupressure points in the body which are responsible, among other things, for our internal organs as well release of tension in the feet and muscles in our body.

Our entire body is surrounded by fascial tissue, connecting everything from the tips of our toes to the crown of our heads. There are various reasons for this connective tissue to tighten (repetitive use injuries, wrong posture, overuse,...), which can affect several areas of the body that might even are quite distant from the original cause of pain. With the help of deep massage we can soften these tissues and let the energy flow freely again. 



 ~ 2 hrs. on DONATION BASIS

A proper Thai Massage should not be shorter than 2 hours in order to be able to cover the whole body properly. If you have special requests or want to reduce the time of the massage, please contact me and we can make arrangements according to your needs.


JOIN three of my Studio Yoga Classes and receive a 1.5 hrs. Thai Nuad Massage in return.



**IMPORTANT: I want to make my massages accessible for everyone, so if you're financially limited, please get in touch with me :)

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