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Everyone can meditate. However, a meditative state does not necessarily happen over night & it requires some practice & patience. It can be compared to learning a new skill or a new language: it requires studying & dedication until you are mastering the desired skill - & with meditation it is the same.

In this workshop we will use our senses as tools (touch, sight, hearing, smell & taste) to connect with our surroundings & our inner being. Kriya’s & Pranayama (in short: cleansing & breathing exercises) will help us to get our mind into a calm setting. The aim is not necessarily to be thought-free, but to become aware of the activity of the mind, as well as the moments of stillness that lie hidden in between thoughts. So what we are doing in this workshop is called Pratyahara - the conscious redirection or withdrawal of the senses.

This course is suitable for everyone. Meditating & practicing together in a group can be a powerful experience & I am looking forward to share this space with you.

„When the noise of the mind is shut down, the beauty of life suddenly becomes apparent.“

- Shiva Sutras



Location: Feelgoodstudio Vienna, Paulanergasse 13, 1040 Vienna

Date: 02.03.2023

Duration: 12:30-15:30 (3hrs)

max 14 participants

Cost: 31,-*

What to bring: Blindfold or a scarf, loose & comfortable clothing.

If you have a favorite meditation cushion, feel free to bring it with you.

More Infos & Booking: Eversports

*If you find yourself in a financial tricky situation please get back to me, I want this course to be available for everyone.

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