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31 Years & Counting!

It‘s been 31 years that I inhabit this body now. And gad, what an intense 30 to 31 it was. Intense in all different directions.

One thing that I learned the most this year is to dare. Dare to do something rather than to ask myself later „what if“.

I dared to fall in love again - twice - both times failed miserably 😅 - but that doesn’t matter. What matters is, that I finally know that I am capable to love and that by now, I even manage to love myself.

I dared to let new and old friends into my heart. Dared to be open with my vulnerabilities.

I dared to understand my patterns instead of escaping into partying and alcohol.

I dared to fulfill my childhood dream and bought + converted a van.

And finally, after eight years, I dared to leave my flight attendant job because it didn’t bring me joy anymore, like it used to.

Another thing that I deeply internalized in my 30th year of wisdom is, to not take health for granted. Physical and mental health. All our bodies change, and there might be a time when we won’t be so agile anymore. So better make the best out of it now, take care of ourselves and do what we want to do, as long as we can.

It feels like I’m just recently figuring out how to live my life in a truly happy and fulfilled way. But often I also feel more lost than ever - but I guess that’s all part of the process.

I am so looking forward to grow older and to learn. I am grateful for every single day that lies ahead of me, because every day provides me with the opportunity to struggle, to fail, to learn and - hopefully - to evolve.

I don’t know what I have done in my past lives, to deserve this life that I have now. All I know is that I‘ll do my best to give future Jasmin (and next-lives-Jasmins) a good foundation and all the beauty, love and joy that this short life has to offer.

Life is so beautifully unpredictable.

Thank you Mama for surprisingly getting pregnant with me and showing me what unconditional love is! Thank you Papa for always being there for me! Thank you to all my loved ones that made me realise that I am not alone!!!!

So much Lovelovelove!!!

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