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Living and practicing on a construction site.

I haven’t given you any updates on my sweet little project from the heart in Kaltenleutgeben lately. It’s progressing, slowly, but steadily. I realized what an impact this little chaos at my home had on my anxiety levels these past months, and that it’s fairly hard for me to relax when there are so many unfinished businesses lingering around in every corner. 😅 It taught be a beautiful lesson in patience and acceptance. 

I've also noticed that I tend to postpone things out of fear that the project might be finished too quickly. Then I find myself asking myself: Am I even ready for this? Will this project be accepted and appreciated by others? But these are all questions of ego and not of the heart. I didn't start all this to quench my ego's thirst for affirmation, but to create a save-space to make friends with the silence and spend conscious time with the Self.

Anyway, the roughest physical part is already done, walls torn down, pipes laid, floors ripped out and relaid, several layers of paint applied, and so on. It has all been a dusty and sweaty affair, but a really great experience.

Soon I'll be able to get back to my favorite job: Building wooden furniture! The shala still needs some shelves and other cool details need to be hammered onto the walls.

So, in the not too distant future you can join me for meditation, yin yoga, some silent forest walks, and maybe even a little bit of ashtanga!

BTW: I’m planning to open up some slots for Thai Nuad massages again sometime soon.


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