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The urge to hold on, to accumulate, to appropriate and to claim for oneself. The desire to control circumstances and people around us in order to lull ourselves into a fictitious sense of security (which is prone to shatter as soon as an unexpected change occurs) blinds us to the reality of things. Life is not in our control, no matter how much we try to prove ourselves otherwise.

By trying to hold on, the energies cannot flow freely through us. Our body becomes a vessel for the accumulated energies that influence our actions and prevent us from seeing things as they are.

But there might be moments where we are able to truly let go, we detach ourselves from certain desires and fears and the knot loosens. Lightness sets in, because the accumulated energy can flow freely through us. Our vision clears.

Moments like this, moments of non-attachment, cannot be forced. The desire to let go may already be present, but the ego may not yet be playing along. This creates another conflict, which in turn forms another knot.

First, it might be necessary to understand where our tendency to control and to accumulate comes from. At the bottom of all attachment lies fear: existential fears and you name it. Maybe the time is ripe to acknowledge this. Let’s sit with these fears for a while, instead of hunting for constant gratification in order to keep those fears locked up.

Humanity has this toxic disposition to think that it can control everything, and in doing so we become more and more detached from the true nature of things: Life is in constant flow, never stagnant, and it’s not within our power to change this, if we want it or not. Once this has been realized, it’s quite liberating.

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