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Do You Love?

Not so long ago I was so much looking for THE ONE. The one that would give me everything that I need and want. Being so focused on this search, I became blind to the things that I already have. I couldn’t see that I was already surrounded by people (including myself) that are able to share all the love that I need - if I would just open up. But instead I just opened to the person that I was dating at the moment. I put all my hopes and cravings on the back of one person. That’s quite a lot to handle and isn’t fair.

Meditating on the „subject“ of love made me realize, that this is what I am: Love. This is what we all want (at least that‘s my assumption 😅) and this is what we all have within us (somewhere).

Sometimes I feel so much love that I think I might burst. Keeping this love for only one being would be kind of a waste and quite overwhelming and so I started to ask myself „Why would I do that? Why would I restrain my love and myself when I can also just let it be free for everyone and everything?“

The last couple of weeks felt just like a big honeymoon-phase with life and everything that comes with it. It all feels so new - but still so familiar. This is the essence of my being: LOVE.

On some days it is easier to live this way, on other days it can be quite challenging. But I should never forget that love is within all of us - it might show itself in different forms, but it is there.


When do you feel love?


Do you love yourself?


What do you love?


Is something holding you back or blocking your way towards love?


What does love mean to you?

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