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New Years Resolutions

We often take the New Year as an opportunity to create new resolutions and promise ourselves that now is our time to take action and make a change. What if we don’t just see the new year as a starting point? What if we don't postpone change until „next week" or "tomorrow"? Any moment can be the right one, maybe it’s even in the here and now.

I can say for myself that I often get in my own way, forgetting that it's mostly up to me and my deeds. Taking full responsibility for the own actions - or non-actions - might feel painful at first, but this insight provides the huge opportunity to get to know oneself and ones habits better.

What helps me a lot, is to see my own flaws with humor, and to remind myself that complete change doesn't necessary happen within a day, but that it happens in baby-steps, maybr so small that it's impossible to see or feel at first. This is often the crucial point: we want to see immediate results, and if they don't show up, we lose faith and give up. It needs time and lots of patience to built a new habit, until effort becomes effortless. So hang in there - whatever you want to achieve, be patient, try to see things with humor, and remind yourself that progress isn't always linear. Trust in life.

I send you lots of love and energy - you are not alone, we are all struggling from time to time.

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