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The dark night of the soul

Years of fog. Longing for something that appears to be hiding in the mist.

A fresh breeze allows to catch a glimpse of the sun. All of a sudden nothing but darkness. Did you close your eyes? No, they are wide open now. You‘re slowly getting used to the absence of light, to indulge into the dark night of the soul. Fear takes over. You wish you could shut your eyes again, return to the familiar mist that you knew so well. But now it’s too late. Once you see, there is no way back. You think the night will never end, cry for help. Not knowing that the answer for your longing is not to be found on the outside. Or do you?

Welcome the darkness as a dear friend who will guide you if you let her. Knowing that no night lasts forever. The darkest hours are followed by light. Clear skies that allow insight.

You lifted the misty veil that was obstructing your vision. Slowly, one night at a time, you transcend into the beauty that has always been here, within and without, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient.

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