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The Spiritual Ego

Aktualisiert: 10. Okt. 2023

The ego is versatile, it is a master of disguise and loves to reinvent itself. As soon as you think you've got rid of it, you recognize that the ego is about to trick you into a new identity. It often takes a while before you notice it - if you notice it at all. You cling to your opinion, you want to be right, you think you've found THE right way and everyone else is wrong. One rises onto a pedestal and looks down at others - often without being aware of it.

Spiritual narcissism is a thing and it is quite common. Actually, one might like to experience oneself and the world as a union, but somehow the self-created identity keeps one in its clutches. Especially in times of "social" media the urge to present and prove oneself is enormous.

How can we reduce our thirst for identity and liberate ourselves from this constant need of approval from others? Well, we could start with a couple of deep breaths, closing our eyes and then ask ourselves:


It might not sound much, but it’s a start.

We should simplify ourselves from moment to moment - let go of identity and realize how light your heart feels while giving it away.

- Vijay Kumar

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