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Thoughts on Desires

When I observe myself, I am really forced to admit that every day I am the prisoner of a thousand unsatisfied desires, or desires whose satisfaction brings me no permanent bliss. So it seems to me that instead of endlessly running from one desire to another, it would be better to stop & examine the true nature of desire. […] What desire really aims at, is a state of non-desire. This non-desire is a state in which we demand absolutely nothing. Thus it is a state of extreme abundance, of fullness. This fullness is revealed as being bliss & peace. You now know that you are really seeking nothing else but fullness and absolute peace. […] That ultimate state can only be the consequence of relaxing & letting go.“ - Jean Klein

Surrounded by silence in the Dolomites, it felt incredibly easy to dive into a desire-less, content state of bliss.

There, I realized once more, how small we actually are and how short we only inhabit this planet. This insight helps me to surrender, to flow and to keep my arms and heart open for whatever comes.

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